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About us 

ATA Testing Technology Service Co., LTD.

ATA Testing Technology Service Co., LTD. Is an independent third-party company specializing in the safety and electromagnetic compatibility Testing, test rectification and technical consulting services of electronic electrical products. The fields involved include electromagnetic compatibility detection, safety testing, environmental testing, energy efficiency and reliability testing, and can provide more than 100 testing services in different areas,.. more..
Electromagnetic..Radio frequency..Safety laboratoryBattery..Environmental..
ATA Testing laboratory has been established and implemented in strict accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards, which are recognized by more than 70 countries and regions including the United States, Britain and Germany. It has been authorized by numerous international authorities including the United States, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Russia, the Netherlands, Italy, and Norway。
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  无线产品新指令-RED >>>>RED历程 欧盟无线产品新指令-RED 颁布日期..
CISPR 15:2018 electrical lighting and similar equipment
  无线产品新指令-RED >>>>RED历程 欧盟无线产品新指令-RED 颁布日期..
Temporarily stop FCC ID certification
  无线产品新指令-RED >>>>RED历程 欧盟无线产品新指令-RED 颁布日期..
On March 30, 2019 Britain officially leaves the EU
  无线产品新指令-RED >>>>RED历程 欧盟无线产品新指令-RED 颁布日期..
Authentication column
China CCC Area
CCC is the Chinese Compulsory product Certification system, English name China Compulsory Certification.
·Chinese voluntary CQC certification2017/11/27
·CCC certification mark printing procedure2017/11/27
·CCC certification and CCC application process2017/11/27
·China compulsory CCC certification system2017/11/27
EU CE Area
"CE" logo is a security certification mark that is seen as a manufacturer's passport to open and enter the European market.
·EU General Product Safety Standards2019/01/18
·IEC60335-2-15:2012+AMD2:2018 CSV2018/12/07
·New European Regulation (EU) 2016/4252018/03/07
·CE certification introduce2017/11/27
RoHS is mandatory standard set by the eu legislation, is called "Restriction of Hazardous Substances".
·ROHS harmful substances cover products2017/12/02
·ROHS directive applicable scope2017/12/02
·ROHS exempted project scope2017/12/02
·ROHS 2.0 2.0 standard2017/12/02
FCC is known as the Federal Communications Commission, enter the U.S. market and require the FCC's approval.
·FCC certification Question and answer2017/12/02
·FCC certification and preparation information2013/09/17
·FCC certification test standard2017/12/02
·FCC certification introduce2013/09/18
Korea KC Area
July 2009: the ministry of knowledge economy began to implement and adopt the national unified KC logo.
·Korea KC certificate of validity change2017/12/02
·KC certification mark2017/12/02
·KC certification technical data2017/12/02
·Korean KC certification2017/12/02
Japan MIC Area
TELEC (MIC) Wireless products entering the Japanese market need to be approved by Janpan Telecom (mainly for RF part).
·Bluetooth products Japan MIC certification (TELEC)2017/12/02
·Wi-fi product MIC (TELEC) test method2017/12/02
·Japan TELEC certification for product range2017/12/02
·TELEC authentication required information2017/12/02
LINKS:FCC ID Search China CQC center EU NB Number China CNAS Shenzhen standard information search
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Address: 5/F, Huashenghui Commercial Building, Jinhai Road, Xixiang, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China
Email: atatest888@163.com
Tel: +86 (0)755 23498786

ATA Testing Technology Service Co., LTD.---Best detection test and certification service partner around you!
Contact address:5/F, Huashenghui Commercial Building, Jinhai Road, Xixiang, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, 518000, China
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